Fergus Sweetland

Main Tools: Roland TR8, CDJ/Mixer, Korg Minilouge • Affiliated Acts: Back Burners • Co-Founder of Bomphcast • Melbourne, Australia.

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Fergus Sweetland is a Melbourne based producer and DJ who’s invested himself in electronic music since 2007. Since then, Fergus has probed various genres and influences, especially house music.

His exploration into the structure and rhythms of house music taught him valuable lessons in production. Fergus’ focus changed from house to techno after experiencing Marcel Dettmann’s set at Rainbow Serpent 2015. Consequently, he has since devoted his time to techno, both producing, DJ’ing and performing works of the genre.

Currently, he is involved in managing the Melbourne based podcast ‘Bomphcast‘ and performing as a live techno and production duo, Back Burners. This act, performed with his close friend Catalyst OP1, explores a darker side of techno with a combination of analogue synths and digital instruments.

His DJ set’s are a sonic experience which delve into layerings of sounds, hypnotic rhythms and soundscapes while maintaining a forceful and impacting low end beat and groove. Having played at Strawberry Fields (2015), Stoney Roads events and for collectives such as Bunker and Stranger, Fergus Sweetland is a tributary to techno culture in Melbourne whose momentum is gaining.