Catalyst OP1

Main Tool: 15u Eurorack Modular • Co-Founder of Bomphcast • Melbourne, Australia • Webmaster of

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Catalyst OP1 is an electronic music performer and composer who progressed from percussion, orchestral violin and double bass, to modular synthesis. It was through his composition studies at The Victorian College of the Arts (2014-2016) that he was introduced to the magnitude and power of synthesis via the rare opportunity to extensively use the university’s EMS Synthi 100 and Roland System 700.
He is the recipient of the Dr Phillip Law Composition Scholarship and as has been commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne for the creation of a new piece of music through their 5x5x5 program.

Catalyst OP1 creates both techno music and progressive synthesis music and performs these styles live using a modular synthesizer, void of the computer. He also performs and makes music in Back Burners, along side Fergus Sweetland who also co-manages the podcast, Bomphcast, with him.

He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia but will be moving to Berlin in the middle of 2017.