Back Burners

Main Tools: Eurorack Modular – TR8 – Minilogue • Founders of Bomphcast • Melbourne, Australia.

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Back Burners is comprised of Catalyst OP1 and Fergus Sweetland, two friends and collaborators from Melbourne, Australia. Their main focus is performing true live techno in that no computer or pre-recorded sequences/loops/progressions are used. The only pre-recorded sounds used in their performances take the form of random/incidental sound and comes from the Radio Music Thing module inside Catalyst OP1’s modular.

They’re passionate about this approach as they find it of great artistic importance that both them and the audience are part of the same musical journey in that neither party has a full understanding of what musical occurrences might happen during the performance.

In terms of production, the duo follow a similar approach where by the majority of the track is created by performing consolidated jams lasting as long as the track itself. If the track needs something else, it gets added in post production.
Their current set up is a 15u Eurorack modular, TR8, Korg Minilogue and DJM850 mixer.

Back Burners are also the founders and operators of the techno podcast, Bomphcast.